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Two, Three, Four and Five Tier Centerpieces

five tierThese centerpieces are constructed entirely out of aluminum. This gives them many advantages over concrete two Tier Garden Fountainand cast iron. These units DO NOT have to be drained in the winter. Use one of our fiberglass pools to complete your all season installation of your beautiful outdoor garden pond. You can add additional water activity to these centerpieces in order to create your very own design.three tierLights can easily be added for your night time enjoyment. When used with our one piece fiberglass pools these units are a snap to install. Simply place our free standing fiberglass pool on a LEVEL compacted base, position your, pump, ring, nozzles, lights and centerpiece. Connect the hoses, fill with water- And ENJOY

When it comes time for your own fountain project, our first concern is MONEY ! How much is this going to cost? A complete fountain kit as pictured above will cost you around $ 1,600.00. That would include the fiberglass basin 80" diameter, a two tier centerpiece - antique finish, and a quad jet spray ring with pump. The prices vary on different models and options that you may choose.

The design and layout of your fountain will be something that you will enjoy for years to come. You will put a lot TIME and EFFORT in the design and installation. So keep this one thing in mind. The POOL is the most important part of your fountain ! If you can't hold water - you don't have a fountain...... So if you are considering a plastic or rubber liner, think long, think hard, do I only want to do this once, or am I willing to dig this thing up and do it again? It comes down to time and money, pay me now or pay me later. PVC preformed liners have come a long way over the last few years but they still fade, crack and become fragile over time. They ARE NOT self supporting so proper installation is more critical.

"If you only want to do it once -use fiberglass !"

Grand Piano

Aerator NozzlesSo whatever style of fountain you are designing for your home, a small fish pond to an elaborate driveway centerpiece. We will be happy to assist you in your decision process. We can supply you with a fountain package which includes the pool, "after all if you can't hold water you don't have a fountain."

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