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Strata-vator aerating fountains, add up to clearer water, naturally and beautifully.

During the hot summer months, the battle against algae and other growths begin. The MINI Strata-vator aerating fountain will put back the much needed oxygen into your pond or lake. During the hot summer months, warm surface water traps the denser, colder water on the bottom of the pond. This is know as stratification. Pollutants such as leaves, clippings and fertilizer sink to the bottom and decay, stripping the water of dissolved oxygen. Anaerobic bacteria can cause poisonous gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and methane to be released. As these gases rise through the water the remaining oxygen is absorbed causing unpleasant odors, rapid algae growth and a very unhealthy environment for fish. Your MINI Strata-vator fountain will help to break down the stratification, by circulating the colder deeper water. The MINI Strata-vator operates in as little as 3' of water. Available in 1/2, 3/4 , and 1 HP models, the MINI Strata-vator is an excellent choice for your smaller pond or lake. Lighting can be easily added with our 3 light kit. This kit comes pre-wired with 50', 100' or 150' of cable. The OASE MINI Strata-vator is
an economical choice for pond and lake aeration!!!!

MINI Strata-vator

Command Center

Stainless Steel


  • Available in 1/2hp, 3/4hp and 1hp models.
  • Eight easily interchangeable water patterns.
  • Operates in as little as 3' of water.
  • Heavy duty foam filled molded polyethylene float.
  • Heavy duty Franklin Stainless Steel water cooled motor.
  • Oil-Free motor design for virtually no maintenance.
  • UL Listed Command. Center with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.
  • Standard 50', 100' or 150' cable lengths.
  • Optional 3 light daisy chain.
  • Convenient UPS shipping.
  • A circulation sleeve around the motor draws water from below the surface providing both effective aeration and extended motor longevity.