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Strata-vator aerating Pond and Lake fountains.

Time was, not so long ago, when water management seemed to be a losing battle. Almost more trouble than it was worth. Especially in those long, hot, summer months.

After all, they meant unsightly algae blooms. Suffocating sludge build-ups. Excessive weed growth. Unpleasant odors. And Application after application of costly chemicals and dyes to keep them under control. But no more.

All these problems can now be a thing of the past by simply adding an Aerator Fountain system to your pond or lake. You'll get the clearer, cleaner water you've always wanted, with the added benefit no amount of chemicals can offer - a beautiful fountain display that will make an unforgettable splash with everyone.

These fountain systems put back what nature takes away.

Hot summer weather robs ponds and lakes of their ability to naturally clean up organic wastes form fertilizer runoff and other pollutants. It seems that hot weather inhibits water from retaining dissolved oxygen. Aerobic bacteria need dissolved oxygen for natural biodegradation

This deficiency results in algae and weed growth and anaerobic biodegradation, all of which cause unsightly appearance and odor problems.

Sure, chemicals and dyes can help, but they merely treat the symptoms. They're not a cure. Aeration Systems, on the other hand, get to the source of water quality problems with spray and wave-making action that puts back the oxygen summer heat takes away. This water movement limits thermal stratification by moving colder water into the warmer layers where higher algae growth occurs.

Lights are no afterthought.
It's the only aeration system where the lighting inserts are molded to be an integral part of the original design. No lighting brackets are added on that may interfere with the spray and light patterns. You can add colored lenses and a color blender for a beautiful night time show. Choose from Clear, Amber, Turquoise, Light Red, Dark Red, Blue and Green.


MIDI Strata-vator

Command Center


Stainless Steel Motor


  • Available in 1/2hp, 3/4hp, 1hp, 1 1/2hp, and 2hp models.
  • Eight easily interchangeable water patterns.
  • Operates in as little as 4' of water.
  • Heavy duty foam filled molded polyethylene float.
  • Heavy duty Franklin Stainless Steel water cooled motor.
  • Oil-Free motor design for virtually no maintenance.
  • UL Listed Command. Center with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.
  • Custom Cable Lenghts up to 600'.
  • Optional 3, 6, 9 lights systems and color blender.
  • Single pallet shipping.
  • A circulation sleeve around the motor draws water from below the surface providing both effective aeration and extended motor longevity.