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Strata-vator aerating Pond and Lake fountains.

You can be on your way to cleaner, clearer water in just one hour with a MAXI Strata-vator Aeration Fountain System.

Each Fountain - Aerator comes fully-equipted and ready for installation. No foundations, external pumps or other costly plumbing fixtures are needed. Simply float the unit into the desired position, moor it into place, and connect it to the on-shore-electrical system through the underwater power cable. ( It is recommended you have electrical work done by a qualified electrician ). Now just sit back and watch the beautiful fountain spray handle water problems for you.

Best of all, These Fountain - Aerators are simple to maintain. . These Fountains also feature the best selection of interchangeable nozzles in the industry.

Simple, beautiful, and practical, fountain systems are ideal for all kinds of water management applications. Golf Courses, Retention ponds, Recreation lakes and waterways, and waste water treatment facilities.

Don't wait, keep your water problems from multiplying. With one simple, and very beautiful addition. Call 1-800-563-5628 for your fountain needs.

Lights are no afterthought.
It's the only aeration system where the lighting inserts are molded to be an integral part of the original design. No lighting brackets are added on that may interfere with the spray and light patterns. You can add colored lenses and a color blender for a beautiful night time show. Choose from Clear, Amber, Turquoise, Light Red, Dark Red, Blue and Green.


MAXI Strata-vator

Command Center


Stainless Steel Motor


  • Available in 5hp, 7 1/2hp, 10hp, and 15hp models.
  • Eight easily interchangeable water patterns.
  • Operates in as little as 5' of water.
  • Heavy duty foam filled molded polyethylene float.
  • Heavy duty Franklin Stainless Steel water cooled motor.
  • Oil-Free motor design for virtually no maintenance.
  • UL Listed Command. Center with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.
  • Custom Cable Lenghts up to 450'.
  • Optional 3, 6, 9 lights systems and color blender.
  • Fountain comes completely assembled and crated.
  • A circulation sleeve around the motor draws water from below the surface providing both effective aeration and extended motor longevity.