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pond and lake aeration

Deep WaterThe Air-Max is designed for years of reliable service. Its intake can be located as deep as seven feet below the surface. Unlike surface propeller units, this makes the Air-Max effective at breaking up thermal stratification, allowing the release of gases from the decomposition of organic material, and permits all-season operation without the concern of floating ice or debris destroying an exposed propeller.
The Air-Max is available in several cable lengths and includes a one year limited warranty. User installed options include interchangeable nozzles and lighting. The optional light system uses dual 120 Watt fixtures with long-life quartz lamps. The 1/2 horsepower Air-Max draws only 10 Amps at 120 Volts (Also available in 1 horsepower).

  • Continuous-duty pump
  • Rugged foam-filled fiberglass floatation
  • Low profile design in natural colors
  • Interchangeable water patterns
  • Quiet operation
  • Electrical ground fault protection available
  • Winter operation clears ice for waterfowl
  • Works in water as shallow as 20 inches
  • 240 Watt lighting system available
  • Can be installed by one person

Standard NozzleStandard Nozzle

delivers a 6' high by 50' diameter spray pattern. This provides excellent circulation and aeration. With the pump close to the bottom of your pond or lake, this unit will increase the overall aeration and also help to eliminate thermal stratification.

Air-PlumeWater CastleAir Plume nozzle (left)
Fleur-de-lis (right)

The "air plume" nozzle produces a single stream of water going 12' high on the 1/2 horsepower unit, and up to 25' high on the 1 horsepower unit.
The "fleur-de-lis" nozzle is adjustable in height, with a average height of 12' on the 1/2 horsepower unit and 22' high on the 1 horsepower unit. Both units produce a diameter of approximately 16'.

Air-Max/S Aspirating Pond Aerator

Aspirating nozzle

Air from the surface is mixed with deep pond water to generate opposing plumes of aerated water, combining the two desirable effects of aeration and circulation.

The Air-Max/S is designed for locations where aeration and circulation are desired, but a water pattern above the surface is not. The balanced discharge jets simplify anchoring and maintain an ice free area in winter. The unit accepts a variety of interchangeable Air-Max nozzles for quick conversion to above surface operation. This allows seasonal changes for aesthetic or evaporation needs.




AeratoinDeep Circulation










Provides aeration and circulation of deep water

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